Oil Change On A8L 55 D5 3.0T

It’s been 10k miles since I’ve bought the 2019 A8L 55 3.0T. Instead of bringing it to the dealer, I did it myself with the oil extractor and it took about 1/2 hour since the oil filter is right on the top of the engine. This V6 turbo doesn’t have an oil dipstick, but it has a plug so I had to pull it to slide the oil extractor hose to the bottom of the pan to extract oil. The oil filter part number is 06M198405F that we can get it from amazon and also the Mobil ESP 2 0W-20 that fits the requirement for VW 508 oil. If the extractor is good and the car leveled, we should extract at least 7 quarts or more because the oil capacity is about 8 quarts.

After finishing the job, we can reset the service reminder the next 10k miles from the MMI service screen which is quite convenient.

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