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Jquery Collapse-O-Matic Plugin

01/25/2016 I no longer use the plug-in – I use bootstrap collapsible now. I really like the Jquery Collapse-O-Matic plugin. It does make the long page looks better. Since I used so many Jquery application, I have to make .noconflict for this plugin to work with Fancybox using old jquery 1.25 which doesn’t work with

How To Use WP-PageNavi And WP-CommentNavi Plugins

I’ve been looking ways to paginate my main page posts list, singles, pages and comments, I couldn’t find any answers until I studied about the plugins from  Lester Chan-GamerZ , among those, WP-PageNavi and WP-CommentNavi, I finally found the way to use them for paginate my pages, posts and comments. This is the way I

Add Share This Button To WordPress

I try to avoid loading to many plugins to our WordPress blog, I prefer to add the Share This button manually to our single post (single.php). Add the script to the header.php just before </head> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//w.sharethis.com/button/buttons.js”></script> Now, add this codes to wherever I want to appear in the single.php. Remove the ‘ both

Category Post List

8-24-12 Category Post List stops working when WordPress Users is activated on WordPress 3.4.1.       Category Post List Plugin [pageview url=”//wordpress.org/extend/plugins/complete-post-list-by-alphabetically-ordered-categories/” height=”400px” title=”Category Post List” border=”yes” scrolling=”yes”] Usage, this is a great plugin to create a page to list all posts in all categories of the blog like this page. ‘[‘jwcatpostlist] remove the ‘

Add Floating Icons On WordPress Blog

I like floating Icons on the side page, move up/down with the scroll, cool. There are tons of tutorial about this, I just wrote this up to remind me how to do mine. Add these lines in our theme style.css. /*side column*/ #return_top a { position:absolute; position:fixed; left:0; bottom:15px; display:block; height:138px; width:38px; background:url(images/return-top.png) no-repeat left