macOS Catalina On Supported Windows Laptops and PCs

macOS Catalina

Up to Catalina 15.3, everything seems to be straight forward, but when it comes to the latest Catalina 15.4, it’s quite a hurdle to get it to work. It needs , , to get it to boot. The amazing thing is with these, DSDT and SSDT no longer need to be patched it seemed, everything

How To Fix NO Audio and Mic After Wake on Mac OS X

These days with the new and improved Mac OS X and macOS Sierra, on our MacWannaBe,  the speaker sound and mic don’t work after wake up from sleep. They come in many symptoms: no speaker after wake, plugin a headphone and pull out, the speakers work again or only failed when the AC charger plugged

Edit DSDT To Fix VoodooHDA.kext From Kernel Panic

If we want to install VoodooHDA.kext, we have to remove AppleHDA.kext in the System/Extension folder before the installation to prevent Kernel Panic. We can edit DSDT to never have to remove AppleHDA.kext again when we need to update Mac OS X.