Kernel Panic

How To Fix Kernel Panic (KP) Reboot After Sleep/Wake Catalina 10.15.4 On Haswell HD4600


Catalina 10.15.4 with the supplemental update seems to be the trouble maker for most hackintoshes compared to the 10.15.3. The new Clover boot loader is quite buggy. The Haswell HD4400 and HD4600 have kernel panic reboot after sleep/wake when using AppleAlc.kext (1.4.8) to patch IDT 92HD91Bxx sounds with Lilu.kext 1.4.3. The only way to work

Edit DSDT To Fix VoodooHDA.kext From Kernel Panic

If we want to install VoodooHDA.kext, we have to remove AppleHDA.kext in the System/Extension folder before the installation to prevent Kernel Panic. We can edit DSDT to never have to remove AppleHDA.kext again when we need to update Mac OS X.