Jquery Noconflict WordPress

When I create my blogs with many jquery apps and Mootools, many of them don’t work due to jquery conflicts. The way I made them to work together is to create jquery noconflict for every jquery I use in the header. This is my header with a few of jquery noconflict fixed. Create a specific

How To Use WP-PageNavi And WP-CommentNavi Plugins

I’ve been looking ways to paginate my main page posts list, singles, pages and comments, I couldn’t find any answers until I studied about the plugins from  Lester Chan-GamerZ , among those, WP-PageNavi and WP-CommentNavi, I finally found the way to use them for paginate my pages, posts and comments. This is the way I

Add Excerpts To WordPress Main Page

I like mono-lab themes, but none of them has excerpts built-in to list posts with excerpts on the main blog page. I found some codes that actually will work with any themes that don’t have excerpts functions at all. WordPress has built-in excerpts function, but the theme has to call it out to use. Depends