Honda Odyssey Oil Pressure Light On Fix

Well, my father-in-law 97 Honda Odyssey (340k miles) oil pressure light indicator flickering on/off intermittently when cold, hot even though the oil are full in the engine. Some shops thinks it’s too old and may need a new oil pump, this and that. Well, before we go to the extend of replacing anything, the easy

A6 C4 Instrument Bulbs Replacement

One day, all our instrument lights went out and we thought it’s the instrument cluster was bad, but they’re just burnt bulbs. This is how we replaced them. A6 Instrument Bulbs Replacment

Q7 After 3 Years

2013-03-13 It’s almost 5 years… >The Q7 is still new @ 34k miles. Panoramic Sunroof Screen It’s been a while since we washed our Q7, although it’s always been in the garage but after a few trips to the snow, it did need a wash. We also want to check the condition after 3 years