Honda Odyssey Oil Pressure Light On Fix

Well, my father-in-law 97 Honda Odyssey (340k miles) oil pressure light indicator flickering on/off intermittently when cold, hot even though the oil are full in the engine. Some shops thinks it’s too old and may need a new oil pump, this and that. Well, before we go to the extend of replacing anything, the easy one should be checked first, oil pressure sender unit, it’s behind the engine next to the oil filter and it looks like this. We did clean the contact to make sure it’s not the sender unit. It didn’t help, so the oil pressure sender unit is the one we must try to replace. The outside of the box says thermoswitch. As long as it has a hole for the oil to come in, it’s the one.

oil pressure sender unit

oil pressure sender unit electrical contact

oil pressure sender unit electrical contact

oil pressure sender unit

Part number – 37240-PT0-014

Replace this and the problem’s gone away for weeks now. Anyhow, if you search for this part #, it will work with all Honda and Acura models including the BIG RL, amazing. $15-$20 depends on where you go.




  • how do you get the wire off? I have a similar vehicle and I have pulled on the boot but am afraid that I will tear the boot if I pull any harder. how is it holding on and is this fear warranted?

    • Are you sure it’s the same one? It should just be an electrical wire, the boot is just to cover the oil and dirt from getting into the contact, it should just be a circular contact. If you’re afraid of breaking the wire because it’s too tight, slide a little sharp screw driver at the base and pry it out slowly. It’s just a plug.

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