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Q7 With First Snow Fall In 2010

It’s that time again, our Q7 got to be in the snow… Our beautiful and wonderful SUV. This kind of weather really makes it shine. P1150563.JPG P1150566.JPG P1150567.JPG P1150568.JPG P1150569.JPG P1150570.JPG P1150571.JPG P1150572.JPG P1150573.JPG P1150574.JPG P1150575.JPG P1150576.JPG P1150577.JPG P1150578.JPG P1150579.JPG P1150580.JPG P1150581.JPG P1150583.JPG P1150584.JPG P1150585.JPG P1150586.JPG P1150587.JPG P1150588.JPG P1150589.JPG P1150590.JPG P1150611.JPG P1150612.JPG P1150613.JPG

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Wow, I really like the A7, it’s so nice but only 4 seat belts?… I really like this review video, very entertaining.

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Q7 Bluetooth Hand-Free

We got new cell phones after a few years and we need to pair them to our Q7 bluetooth hand-free system. We forgot how to do it and here it goes after a few tries, the manual wasn’t very clear. Turn on the ignition, press the TEL button (green light will be on and message […]

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A6 Ignition Lock Stuck Fix

2013-07-30 It’s amazingly working until now. Time for new head lights. When it’s cold, the ignition lock on our 96 A6 was hard to turn, sometimes it totally stuck and refuse to turn at all. We took out the ignition and the shifter units to lubricate them, it’s been great since then (7 years ago). […]

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A6 Dome Light Cover

Our A6 Avant Dome Light Cover hindge broke and it kept dangling on top of our heads, this is how we fixed ours. A6 Dome Light Cover Fix Cheers,