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Audis Score Cards 2012

The reasons we like Audis, cost of driving and maintenance of our cars for 2012 are so low, if we can do some stuff and have an OBDII connector. 2008 Q7 It’s almost 5 years, 32k miles, the cost of driving and maintenance 1. Gas mileage: average 17MPG. 2. Cost of maintenance: $0. ( bought […]

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Remove TPMS Warning Chimes

Select -> 17-Instruments -> Adaptation -> Channel 61. Subtract 512 from whatever value you find there.   Recode or Long Screen Coding   1. Pull the TPMS fuse, as mentioned above – (#4 on panel B – 5 amp) 2. Vag-Com – module 19 CAN Gateway -> Coding -> Long Coding helper -> Find and […]

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Q7 3.6 Oil Change

Since my Q7 last service contract ended in Sept, I will have to change the oil myself. Until I actually do mine, I don’t have any pictures or procedure, I prepared and found this page for future reference.

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Audi Radio SAFE Mode Reset

Some old Delta CC radios have to reset with security codes when the “SAFE” message came on, normally after battery died or replaced. Here is how to reset the “SAFE” with the security codes, this procedure should be the same for all Audi radios, check the manual. Delta CC radio is on the 96 Audi […]