Honda 97 Odyssey Rear Brake Replacement

rear brake

Honda’s brake pads warning system always fails due to the metal tab breaking off the pads, this metal tap is to create screeching sound when the pads are low by scratching the brake discs. When this one broke, the only warning we have left is the metal pads actually scratching the discs themselves and that’s

Honda 97 Odyssey Front Torque Engine Mount Replacement

bolts securing the mount

This is the way we did ours, please use the information as reference only and be safe. When we put the car in gear, if the engine jerks forward/backward due to front torque engine mount broken. Here is how we replaced ours. The part can be bought online or at local autozone store for about

Honda 97 Odyssey Radiator Replacement-Overheating Fixed

Odyssey Radiator

This was the way I’d done mine, please use the information below as reference only and be safe. This is how I fixed the over heating problem at high speed, stop and go on a hot day for 1997 Honda Odyssey after the car was replaced by the shops with $600 distributor, $1500 rebuilt head