Electrical stuff

What you should/must know about Audi Electrical System

A8 D3 energy (power) management control unit

Audi electrical system is very sophisticated especially with A8 D3. This is how I understand the system. The electrical system in general includes Alternator, Battery, Power Management System, ECM (Engine Control Module).  

How To Charge Battery On 2008 Q7 3.6L

Batter Percentage display done.

It’s been cold and the Q7 hasn’t been driven for a while, the battery drops to 11.4V, I need to charge it. I’ve bought a really good charger from Schumacher SC1280 with 15A capacity. The Q7 battery is under the driver seat, therefore, there are two poles (terminals) marked red for positive and “-” on

Ignition Switch Warning Icon

Ignition Switch Warning ICON

If you see the red and black ignition warning icon on the screen while driving, the car won’t shut off, can’t get the key out of the ignition, can’t start the car… It may not be the ignition switch, it may be the start authorization module under the driver seat carpet getting wet from AC