Fix A4 Dashboard Cup Holder Cover

My 2004 A4 Cabriolet dashboard cup holder cover keeps falling off every time I used it, until I fixed it once and for all. We do need some crazy glue.  

Replace Generic MAF On A4 Cabriolet 3.0L V6

Audi 3.0 MAF

2014-05-17 We replaced with Hitachi MAF from AutohausArizona. Everything came out perfect. Last time, my sister A4 Cabriolet 3.ol V6 had an ESP intermittent problem and she wanted to replace the MAF since the codes mentioned the part. The original one is Hitachi 06C 133 471 A and I ordered one from Ebay without brand

Audis Score Cards 2012

The reasons we like Audis, cost of driving and maintenance of our cars for 2012 are so low, if we can do some stuff and have an OBDII connector. 2008 Q7 It’s almost 5 years, 32k miles, the cost of driving and maintenance 1. Gas mileage: average 17MPG. 2. Cost of maintenance: $0. ( bought