ipod interface

AMI-Ipod Interface 2G

Audi also has CD changers that support (play) mp3 files – 6 CD at 700Mb and average of 4Mb per song, we can store about 1000 songs per changer. The cost for MP3 CD changer is about $400 vs this after market AMI supports iphone/ipod. AMI = Audi Music Interface. My 08 Q7 has it

06 A8 D3 Update Stuff

Every time I get a “new to me” car, there are always things that need to update or modified. Here is the list of the things I’ve been updating to my 06 A8. MMI SOFTWARE UPDATE TO 4610 06 A8 has no back up camera, no AMI, these options don’t exist until 07  A8 for