Backup And Restore With Gzip

These days, the backup tapes have been obsoleted, we don’t use them to back up and restore any more. Most of the working directories are backed up in Gzip files and transferred through ftb website, it’s fast, efficient and more reliable than these tapes. So, we normally pack the folder in tar format then gzip them. Open a unix window, cd to the directory before the directory we want to gzip.

tar -cvf directory.tar directory

after this command, we should have a “directory.tar”

gzip directory.tar

after this command, we should have a file “directory.tar.gz”

Now we can use cuteftp or coreftp to transfer it to PC and send it or just save it in hard drive.

The back up file is from a newer software version than our system version.

Hp makes sure that we can’t run newer version software with older version systems to force companies to upgrade. Since we develop our own ICT programs, we want to have the lowest software version possible so we can ship our fixtures and programs to any CEM and they’re compatible with our software version. The draw back is when we get their backup directory, we have to do some work to get it working with out backward system version.

Gunzip (unzip with gzip).

gunzip directory.tar.gz

after this command we should have a file “directory.tar”

tar -xvf directory.tar

after this command we should have a directory “directory”

extract tar after gunzip   extracting to folder

Now we have the working directory, we need to compile the config and wirelist files to match with our system software.

compile config file     compile wirelist file

Now we’re ready to modify files or writing more test to this directory.

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