Set Up HPIB For HP8648C Signal Generator

1. Connect the device through the HPIB of the power supply HP6624A (HPIB) or whatever your power supply model may be.  To check the hpib bus, go to shell as root:
/opt/hp3070/bin/btio -hpib -scan    (this will tell you which HPIB exists, it should display your HP6624A or HP6621A).

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2. cd /dev and ls -al (this will show you all devices with their address in the system, look for 0x07??00 where ?? is the hex address of the device you need to set).
Ex: 0x070800    hp3488 (/dev/hp3488 has address of 08)

3. If you want to install a device file yourself, make sure there’s no conflicting address.
Ex: I have address 0c that’s not in the dev list and I like to create an hp8648c file for my HP8648C.
mknod /dev/hp8648c c 21 0x070c00 (0c is the address of the device HP8648C).
chmod 666 /dev/hp8648c (set permission for everyone)

4. Checking to see if it does talk in BTbasic:
assign @HP8648C to “/dev/hp8648c” (make sure the device address is set at 12 decimal = 0c)
output @HP8648C; “FREQ:CW 1550 MHZ;:FM:DEV .1KHZ”
you should see the device operating at 1550MHZ with DEV of .1 KHZ.


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