Setting Up Pneumatic Fixture

All our dual level ICT fixtures are pneumatic. They use compressed air to actuate the air solenoid to push down the gate instead of pulling down like vacuum. Some of the CEMs site may need to have wiring installed for the pneumatic fixture to work with the vacuum port controller in the system. The pneumatic solenoids need 24V to actuate and we need to hook up the wires to the auxiliary power port in the back of the system correctly.

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auxilliary power port next to ps Red  - Blue - Black

If we use pins 5,6, and 7, we must use the vacuum well a is 0,1 command for the solenoid to actuate. This configuration is for dual level solenoids, upper and lower solenoids. Single stage only need 1-24V wire and ground.

Vacuum well a is 0,1 = full actuation (first level), both of Red and Blue have 24V relative to Ground (black).

vacuum well a is 01 Blue 24V

red 24V second level

blue = 0V red 24V


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