Saving Hostess

Every day driving to/from work, I always listen to Dave Ross commentary on AM 740. I think Dave is so logical and a real good American man. It’s the end of 2012, and I still wonder why unions exit in the work place. Listen to Dave Ross about saving Hostess company and he did point

Bunk Beds

For some reasons, children love bunk beds, they may just want to climb to the top bed, crawl to the bottom bed, I don’t know, but we had to get one for our kids because they’re practically begged for it. It was Thanksgivings 2012. We did go shopping together and we found one that everyone

Why Stocks Are Down?

President Obama is elected for the second term, things are already changing.

Play Blackjack To Win More Than Lose

black jack hand

It’s Winter again, and we’re ready for the Sierras where ski resorts are close to Casinos. Every year, we try to go at least 2 or 3 times for skiing and hope the Casinos would pay for the trips. When I was single, I read all the books about how to play Blackjack, how to