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I moved to Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale) in 2000 from Lake Forest, Orange County to follow my Boss for a new job. I hated everything in Silicon Valley until I met my wife. I always believe marriage is to kill your old self and start a new one to build a family, and in family there is no “ME”.  My line while dating my wife was “when I get married, I would like to write a life together with my wife from beginning to end”.  In 2003,  my wife emailed me and asked if I wanted to write the life story that I mentioned with her and either then, or never. I was forced to make a decision I thought I never have to make, marry someone.

I pulled out my marriage check list.

 1. Do I have feelings for her – love her – checked.

2. Does she have a 4 year degree – and job – checked. 

3. Is the chemistry between she and I good? – Great – checked.

4. Is she independent – self efficient? Yes, checked.

5. Her values about life are the same as mine? Yes, checked.

6. Is her family OK? OK, checked.

7. Is she witty? Yes, checked.

8. The most important question – Am I ready to kill myself to be a family man with my wife? Yes, checked.

We got married in 3 months planning. No engagement, because we both believe engagement is like lay away plan for insecure, superficial people.

dognmonkey.com is our marriage life in Silicon Valley, building a family together, having children, saving money, building our home, being good to one another, contribute to society, and the most importantly, growing together.

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