Schwinn 460 Elliptical

After the brother in-law @ 51 had quintuple (5)  bypass surgery, my wife decided to exercise more since her cholesterol level is about 220. We thought of getting a treadmill, but after looking at the elliptical, we decided to get one. We read tons of reviews on different types of brands and models and we’re totally confused. Finally we decided to get a used one from Craigslist. There are many expensive used elliptical that sell for half of their original prices, but now most of the new ones are better in options and quality. It’s a risky thing for us to buy something used without warranty for $500 width=”250″ height=”141″ although they cost over $1k new, and most of them were claimed that seldom used. We truly believe that. Last weekend we stumbled onto a used Schwinn 460 elliptical, less than a year old and still on sale online for $350.00. We took the opportunity and got it since the couple had to move. It was heavy, we had to disassembled the handle bars, the console to fit it in our Audi’s station wagon. This is truly a sturdy… … machine and width=”250″ height=”141″ although it’s not very conventional like most elliptical.

Our used Schwinn 460 elliptical

arms.JPG assembled.JPG

audietry.JPG audietry1.JPG

audietry2.JPG backhandle.JPG

bottompole.JPG bottompoleconnects.JPG

bottompolemount.JPG console.JPG

consoleconnects.JPG consolefront.JPG

consolein.JPG consolemounted.JPG

consolepole.JPG consoleside.JPG

pole.JPG polebase.JPG

polecable.JPG polein.JPG

poleup.JPG rollerarm.JPG

rollerarm1.JPG thebase.JPG


The kids try-out the elliptical

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