Bidets For Home Toilets

When my little kids needed my help cleaning themselves and they asked me to wet the papers, I decided to look into the BIDETS. Bidets have been out for many years in Japan, the toilets with automatic lids, electronically wash controlled, seats warmer and cost a fortune to have them. Now, thanks to China and simple design products, I could get these bidets for my kids and adults for a very little cost (all plastics components). The design is so simple to install, it took less than 10 minutes to install and tune to correct position of the sprayers.

There are many types of bidets, some with warm water but I didn’t get them, even with 40 degree outside, the room temperature at 60-70, the water feels fine. I got the one with 2 types of nozzles, women and wash since there are 3 ladies in the house. The water pressure is amazingly strong, especially down stairs. Everyone is totally happy with them, the price is so reasonable, every toilet in the house gets one. Again, people can pay up to hundreds of dollars for the fancy bidets.


The seat need to be removed, the bidet mounting bracket will sit between the toilet and the seat. Turn off the water, no need to flush the toilet, just use a little bucket under the water line to catch some drips out of the tank and the hose.

remove the connection     remove the connection

remove the seat     mount the bidet

To adjust the sprayers forward or backward, adjust the holes for the bidet to move forward or backward until they hit the where we want, start out with the middle is the best.

turn the circle     center the sprayers

Now connect the water splitter and hoses that come with the package, I only needed one of the 2 hoses provided. The connector is plastic, so just use the finger to tighten the connections, it’s efficient, don’t over tighten the plastic screws.

mounted bidet     water connection

Turn on the water valve slowly, make sure there is no leaks, the open all the way. Test the water jets to your liking, then tighten the seats screws and enjoy the simple BIDET.


The house gets some Christmas presents early.


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