Play Blackjack To Win More Than Lose

It’s Winter again, and we’re ready for the Sierras where ski resorts are close to Casinos. Every year, we try to go at least 2 or 3 times for skiing and hope the Casinos would pay for the trips.


When I was single, I read all the books about how to play Blackjack, how to count cards, single decks, double decks… etc, and I’d lost my shirts every time I went to Vegas or Indian Reservations Casinos. After I got married and have children, I became more responsible and patient, and I found out, I lost more times than won at the Blackjack table because of my attitude, negativity, and being impatient although I do play quite well.

So, why did I lose more times than winnings?

1. Emotion: It’s always easy to see how people are doing wrong until my money is at stakes, the same as investing in stocks. To win, I have to play as a dealer, machine, no emotion, consistent every hand.

2. Impatient: When I’m losing, I want to get the money back quickly, play bigger and lose faster, taking chances while my luck is down.

3. The way I bet: I lose because I lost on big hands and won on small hands, reverse positive trend. Blackjack statistic says our chances to win is 40/60 if we play correctly. So if we play 100 hands with the same amount of bets, we will lose 60 hands and win 40 hands, after 100 hands we will only have 80 hands left and keep on losing until our money is gone.

4. Blame people for losing: Bad karma, keep the positive energy at the table, if I can’t stand the table, move!

5. Learn how to play basic Blackjack.

I’ll go through details when I have time, it will be a long post – a question always comes up, why don’t I play to make a living if  I win more times than lose? I like to be productive, gambling is not productive. I only play Blackjack on vacations where my family can have fun and I get comps for room and board.

Everyone has his/her own ways to play Blackjack, I’m just showing the way I’ve been playing for many years and I won more than lose. The only time I lost is because I lost my discipline and played with emotions or being over confident.

Learn how to play basic Blackjack.

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