iPod Touch Went Through The Washer – Dead Then Alive

The amazing quality of the iPod Touch 4th generation. My son forgot his iPod Touch 4th generation in his pocket and it was washed by accident. After we took it out, the power was off, no charge (we did plug it in to charge), the device was totally dead. After 2 weeks, I saw the

Walk-through American Revolution At Ardenwood Elementary

I’m so glad to be able to attend these special presentations at Ardenwood Elementary. I’ve learned so much over the years with my children in this Ardenwood Elementary. This time, I had a chance to learn about the American Revolution with my 5th grade Audrey’s class – Walk-through American Revolution Presentation. The presenter was a

Tết Ất Mùi 2015

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Gia đình đi Ice Skating (Winter Lodge, Palo Alto) trước khi tới nhà Michelle chúc Tết .