2013 Bathrooms

Master Bathroom Shower Remodel

We planned and started our Master Bathroom Shower Tub remodeling in late July 2013 and we didn’t finish all the important stuff until December. We both work and we could only spend the weekends on our renovations. We’re really happy with how it came out. We plan to remove the whole bathtub surrounds and make […]

2013 Ardenwood Elementary

Ardenwood Dragons 4th Grade Field Trip 2013

[bs] Last year, Audrey had a teacher who didn’t believe in field trips, she didn’t get to go anywhere, this year, she had a chance to visit Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center for a field trip. She loved it, and again, I was volunteered by my wife to chaperone the kids.  It was fun although tiring. I […]

2013 Ardenwood Elementary

Ardenwood Dragons Sing Humpty Dumpty In Fusd Competition

Audrey’s been waking up early to join the Ardenwood’s Choir for this year. Finally, a competition organized by FUSS and we couldn’t believe many parents did come to support. Too bad we weren’t there to record the teachers sing, they won the top prize, they must be soooo good. It’s nice to be able to […]

2013 Ardenwood Elementary

First Grade Field Trip In Ardenwood Elementary

[bs] Last year, Brandon was in first grade and he had a field trip which I volunteered to help, the teacher was Mrs. Uriu. The place was Fremont Children’s Peace Pavilion. It was quite a long walking distance from school, but it was well organized with many adult helpers, the walk was fun, safe and […]