ESPP-Employee Stock Purchase Plan


Majority of companies in Silicon Valley are publicly traded companies, if we work for these companies, we should be offered something call ESP (Employee Stock Purchase) or ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan) every 6 months or a year. It’s a benefit program that allows Employees to buy company’s stocks at a 15% discount from the

Highest Paying Jobs

Before we spend time and money to study or prepare for a career, the best is to know which career makes the most money. Pharmacist – Average salary $112k. Air Traffic Controller – Average salary $114k. Sales Manager – Average salary $116k. Financial Manager – Average salary $120k. Industrial-Organizational Psychologists – Average salary $124k. Computer

Some of The Most Overrated Jobs

There are many jobs in the movies that seem dreamy and we sometimes wish to have them, but in reality, they’re not so glamorous. Psychologist Listen to people’s problems and have median salary of $67k a year. Architect Get to design and build beautiful and efficient properties for median salary of 73k a year. Attorney

Colleges That Bring in the Highest Paychecks

Since many of my nieces and nephews started to attend Universities and all talks about great schools, costs and their futures make me curious about Colleges.  Stanford University (Stanford, Calif. ). Mid-career median salary: $114,000 Starting median salary: $58,200 Student Budget 2012–2013 Academic Year Budget Item $ Per Year Tuition 41,250 Room and Board 12,721

Strengthen your Resume with an IBM Certification

Have you ever been curious about obtaining an IBM certification. In an increasingly competitive job market, an IBM certification can make your resume stand out above others in your field. IT and networking are fields that require both general and advanced knowledge of specific, individual technologies and concepts. Gaining just the right amount of knowledge