MAKING AVCHD DISC to play in blu-ray players. After making all these HD movies in mpg format. These files are very inefficient, they’re big and wasteful. We need to covert them to MKV and use Tsmuxer to make AVCHD structure to burn to DVD5/9. We can use MKVtoolnix to merge many movies together or we

Sharethis Plugin For WordPress

I use this plugin for my blogs, although this theme already has the options. There are a few “share this” but search for the “sharethis” by the website itself recommended. Just follow the direction on the website. The only thing we need to customize to our single page icons. The plugin only puts icons on

Flowplayer In WordPress

2013-01-28 Flash player HTML5 player FV flowplayer plugin [flowplayer src=// width=320 height=240] Flowplayer is a nice flash and video player for website, it’s a little confusing player to config with all these options. I only use it to stream some family videos. I like the embeded flash format because other required scripts on the body

Burn Dmg To CD-DVD In Windows 7

When we patched MBR to the Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg, we can’t restore the new dmg file to DVD in Mac. I tried to use Poweriso and it works well in Windows 7. Move the dmg to Windows drive, use poweriso to extract it (create a folder first) then burn it, very simple and

Samsung LCD TV Takes Too Long To Turn On Fix

Blown Samsung Capacitors

2013-12-08 still working – can’t get new TV. I got these Capacitors from HSC. 2013-02-27 All the capacitors are still doing well. I can’t get a new TV, this one is still performing perfectly. Our 5 year old 40″ Samsung LCD TV started to act up a few weeks ago, it tooks 4-5 minutes