Samsung LCD TV Takes Too Long To Turn On Fix

2013-12-08 still working – can’t get new TV. I got these Capacitors from HSC.

2013-02-27 All the capacitors are still doing well. I can’t get a new TV, this one is still performing perfectly.

Our 5 year old 40″ Samsung LCD TV started to act up a few weeks ago, it tooks 4-5 minutes to turn on, and when it’s on, sometimes the sound is missing, restart then sound comes back on. Yesterday it took more than 30 minutes and we didn’t even get to watch anything, I decided to fix it. It took (in my case) 4 capacitors (23 cents each) changed and a less than 1 hour of work, remove the back panel, unsolder and solder the capacitors.

Since the TV is in the master bedroom, I just disconnected all the cables, lift the TV and lay it face down on the bed. Noticed all the screws that need to be taken out so I can remove the back panel. When all the screws were removed, carefully look at the back panel, separate and lift the back panel from the corner, watch out for the rca jacks and hdmi panel, make sure the back panel is clear this panel.

back panel screws     lift the back panel

When the back panel is out, we can see everything and watch out for the transformers (they may still have high electrical charges) wear insulated gloves or stay clear of these transformers and connectors.

back electronic boards     back electronic boards

The power board on the left is the one we need to remove. First inspect to make sure which capacitors are bad, look for these BIG CYLINDRICAL METAL CAPACITORS for Bulging tops. When we know for sure we need to replace these bulging top capacitors, start to remove all the connectors to this power board, take a picture or write down the locations and connectors for re-installation.

7 screws on my power board     disconnect connectors

disconnect connectors     disconnect connectors

where big caps are     some popped caps

4 Popped capacitors (top bulging up)

popped capacitors     popped capacitors

So, we need to see the values of the capacitors that need to be replaced, there are 3 markings, value, temperature and voltage: higher value + higher temperature + higher voltage = better longer lasting capacitors. Japanese made has reputation of being the best. So I replaced my 1000uF – 10V – 105C with Japanese made ones 1500uF – 16V – 105C.

old popped cap     old pop caps

new caps     new caps

When install the new caps, make sure the polarity is correct, the polarity is marked with a thicker mark on each capacitor footprint.

thicker mark     polarity and marking

Put back the board when finished with installation of the capacitors, make sure to clip off all the extra long leads in the back. Put back the 7 screws and connectors.

put back the screws     connectors back

Put back the back panel and screws. The TV should turn on in less than a minute.


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