Remove Unwanted Apps From Facebook

These days, many websites and applications want us to log in with our Facebook accounts, it’s easy and painless, but some of these applications also post spams using our Facebook accounts to our friends or close-friends whatever the case may be. Sometimes, we have to check our settings/apps to see which applications are active in

Min-Max-Width In CSS

I like fluid themes, all my themes are fluid, the other day playing with the min-width, max-width, and just width, I found out something interesting. My theme has 3 columns, 1 content in left column, and 2 sides bars in right column. If I set both of these width with max-width, the content will shrink

Thunder Tumbler 360 Degrees Remote Controlled Truck

Christmas is coming and my son loves these Thunder Tumber 360 Degrees Radio Remote Controlled trucks that flip, roll, spin around. These trucks only came with 2 radio Frequencies, so if you buy for 3 kids in the same house, you’re out of luck, only 2 different frequencies can actually race together – If you

InMotion Hosting Terms Of Services

I got a courtesy email to remind me of one of the Terms Of Services that I never read or knew about, I think it’s fair for NOT storing these zip files on the server, which cost more for the Hosting company. I think it’s nice of InMotion Hosting to remind me instead of suspense