Remove Unwanted Apps From Facebook

These days, many websites and applications want us to log in with our Facebook accounts, it’s easy and painless, but some of these applications also post spams using our Facebook accounts to our friends or close-friends whatever the case may be. Sometimes, we have to check our settings/apps to see which applications are active in our accounts, delete or modify the ways they notify people using our accounts. In the last few days, I kept receiving all these notifications from a “closefriend” and I know she wouldn’t have time to send these links to me, I contacted her and sure enough she didn’t do it.

facebook spam     account owner doesn't know

So, I went to my account, look at the settings, Apps to see what apps I’ve authorized to post on my behalf to make sure none of these are doing things that I don’t know about. I didn’t have many no-name accounts.

settings    Apps

Each of these Apps should have an “edit” and “x” at the end for us to edit or remove the app. In my opinions, remove all Apps that we don’t know and edit all Apps that we know. I don’t know if these settings for the Apps really does anything, but if they’re there, logically, they should do what they say.

remove apps     edit apps settings

Edit post on your behalf notification to “only me” to make sure we don’t bother our friends and families.

notification     notification

When everything is done, we just hope that the spams don’t go to our friends and families any more, we don’t want our friends and families “un-friend” with us, do we?


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