Free Cloud Storage

OK, these days we have heard so many things about cloud computing this, cloud storage that and actually, it’s pretty good for consumer like us to use – FREE. So Apple iCloud gave us 5GB, MS Skydrive 7GB, I haven’t tried the Google yet. Here what I use the cloud for – contacts (if I

MK809 Android Smart TV Box

2014-08-25 A newer box that works quite well with external antenna for better wifi reception. For TV that doesn’t have smart TV built in, Google does have a smart tv box, built in China called MK802,MK805, MK808 and now MK809. It’s practically an Android tablet with HDMI output. It’s inexpensive and it does many things

Set Up POP3 Email Accounts With Outlook

Outlook is MS mail software that came with any MS Office, these days, when we have internet providers, we get some email accounts for the family. Most of these email accounts are POP3 which work great with Outlook program. We need to add these email account individually into the Outlook email manager. We can add