Free Cloud Storage

OK, these days we have heard so many things about cloud computing this, cloud storage that and actually, it’s pretty good for consumer like us to use – FREE. So Apple iCloud gave us 5GB, MS Skydrive 7GB, I haven’t tried the Google yet.

Here what I use the cloud for – contacts (if I don’t have my phone, I can’t remember any body addresses or phone numbers) – copies of some important documents (in case I was out of the country and I need something to prove I’m ME :-)) – Documents I need to work at home or programs I need to finish somewhere else – small files because the free storage is less than 7GB.

Microsoft Skydrive

We just need to sign up for an account with Microsoft, if you have hotmail account, you can access the skydrive already. Without the desktop software installed, you can only upload up to 300Mb file at a time, you can use the browsers to upload/download files from the skydrive.

skydrive panel     download app

download app     download app

install app     install app

install app     prepare desktop

set up desktop     setup desktop

With the desktop app installed, every time we logged into the skydrive, it’s automatically sync the folders contents.

set up desktop     desktop

We can open a password protected doc file directly or right click the file and select download to the desktop. The problem is the desktop must have MS Word installed.

open protected doc     download

We can click the “upload” button on the panel to upload file and share the pictures or folder if we want to.

picture     share picture

share picture     share picture

iCloud (next)

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