MK809 Android Smart TV Box

2014-08-25 A newer box that works quite well with external antenna for better wifi reception.

For TV that doesn’t have smart TV built in, Google does have a smart tv box, built in China called MK802,MK805, MK808 and now MK809. It’s practically an Android tablet with HDMI output. It’s inexpensive and it does many things with the wifi. What’s the difference between this box and smart TV built in? I think it’s about $200-300 dependent upon the make and models of the TV we’re buying. This little box is like an Android tablet or PC hooking up directly to the TV. I believed it can do more than any built-in smart TV and it’s portable also. I couldn’t control the box with my Android tablet Thrive due to firmware update, the website doesn’t appear to be up and running correctly. There are other boxes like Roku and Apple TV, but I don’t know if they play full HD and access media files from wireless home servers or external USB hard drives.

Google TV originally are from these boxes.

Google TV products

Stream movies from home servers.

Stream movies directly from attached USB external Hard drive.

Wifi Netflix.

Wifi Youtube.

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