Mesh Wifi Network

It’s Christmas time, we want to update our Dual Band Router system to Mesh Wifi system. Our house is 2-story and 2300 sf. The current system does have some bad spots on the ground floor, and if we get the Mesh wifi, it should fix the problem. When we talk about routers, the features are

How To Install Virtual Box 5.2 with Windows on macOS High Sierra 10.13.1

Virtual Box 5.2

In macOS High Sierra, the VMware 7.x no longer supported so I have to use Virtual Box 5.2 to use Windows. Since this laptop comes with Windows 8.1, therefore it has a product ID which I extracted from RWEverything since it didn’t come with the DVD. The Virtual Box 5.2 works perfectly with macOS High

Use Malwarebytes To Clean Malware on mac OS X

Malwarebytes Anti_Malware

My son downloaded games on the internet and his account got infected with all types of malware on his mac OS X. We used a free program called and it actually cleaned our MacWannaBe.