Mesh Wifi Network

It’s Christmas time, we want to update our Dual Band Router system to Mesh Wifi system. Our house is 2-story and 2300 sf. The current system does have some bad spots on the ground floor, and if we get the Mesh wifi, it should fix the problem.

When we talk about routers, the features are important also besides the speed. My brother got the Orbi and it seems to be amazing with speed and features, with Comcast and I could download Destiny 2 with over 11Mps which I couldn’t with my TP-Link AC-7.

I do have many devices that required port forwarding and static IP like WD mycloud, Night Owl security camera system. These must have in all routers. 

Orbi seems to be more expensive and big compare to others, but it does have its own communication band which produce near lossless bandwidth with main and satellite unit. There are 2 models that I would consider RBK50 AC3000 and RBK40 AC2200, the price difference is from $50-$100 dependent upon where you buy. I believe RBK40 is good enough for our house.

TP-Link Deco M5 3-pack are on sale for $199 which is also a contender – Again, this system is pure routers with satellites, it doesn’t have a dedicated internal communication band like the Netgear Orbi so we will definitely have loss between satellites and main, but all 3 came with Ethernet ports, if we wired them together than it’s like we have 3 separate routers around the house, little more work there.

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