How To Replace WIFI Module On Dell Inspiron 3668

Intel AC7265 in Big Sur macOS

The original WIFI module in Dell Inspiron 3668 was Qualcom which isn’t supported with Big Sur, so I replaced with an Intel AC7265 that came with one of my laptops. This module is supported with correct and it’s working perfectly. We don’t need the bluetooth driver since it’s supported natively.

How To Backup DVDs To MP4 macOS Big Sur

HandBrake macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur has quite a security upgrade that causes many problems for installing software sometimes. This is how I backup my DVDs to MP4 for playing digitally. We need , .

How To Transfer Your Old Movies To PC Using easyCAp

EasyCAP USB Video Capture Device

If you still have old tapes from video recorders and you want  to transfer those memory videos to PCs or Laptops, you can use a device called easyCAp, quite inexpensive and actually works wonder with the right software. You will need the correct driver “” for the device and capture software like or .  For macOS