iBoysoft NTFS for Mac
October 28, 2020 / 93 views / Mac Software

iBoysoft NTFS Software For Mac OS

There are many software and ways to write to NTFS partition or drives in Mac OS. You can use to configure NTFS writable or you can use already made software that does it automatically like for Mac OS. The software is quite easy to use and it works. [cat list categorypage=yes]

python versions on Mac
June 15, 2020 / 93 views / Mac Software

Install Python3 On macOS Catalina

The best way to install Python3 on macOS is to use brew.sh. Install brew and just type brew install python To check python version – macOS Catalina has python 2.7.5 built in – what we need is python3 from brew.sh. python python3

iTunes GUI
February 11, 2020 / 138 views / Mac Software | Windows 10

How To Use iTunes in Windows 10

iTunes has been a great music player for mac and Windows PC. Some people may have iPhones but no Macs like my sister. This is how I’d use the iTunes with Windows 10, although the GUI is a little different from the macOS Catalina or iTunes versions. iTunes is a great software to generate playlists […]