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Arctic P253 BT Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones these days are so inexpensive, the wired headphones keep being yanked, pulled and broken by the kids, I decided to try bluetooth headphones for them. I read the reviews on Amazon and bought 3 Artic P253BT for the kids and me (free shipping over $35). The headphones are amazing, for $15, they sound […]

February 19, 2014 / 2,149 views / Bluetooth Stuff | Envy 4-1117nr | hackintosh | Ivy bridge | Mavericks 10.9 | Windows 8 | wireless

How To Replace WiFi Bluetooth Module in HP Envy 4

My HP Envy 4-1117nr has the Ralink 3290 Wifi and bluetooth that are not supported by Mac OSX Mavericks, I bought a HP module from Ebay for $10 AR9285 and  AR301 bluetooth combo to replace the Ralink. HP has white list in the bios, luckily this HP bluetooth wifi combo is supported and the bios […]

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IOGEAR Solar Bluetooth Hand-Free GBHFK231

Since cell phones hand-free devices are required for talking while driving in CA, I tried a few devices, wired, wireless and I found IOGEAR Solar Bluetooth Hand-Free GBHFK231 to be the best one besides our built in Q7 built-in. There are many reviews and youtube videos that thumbed down for this device, but for me, […]