Patch Realtek ALC295 SST

Most of audio devices are in the AppleALC.kext, but some of the Realtek ALC295 doesn’t have the mic support. We have the speakers sound but not the microphone input. This post is to try to get the microphone to work with SST (Smart Sound Technology). With AppleALC.kext we tried all the layout-id but none has mic to work

21 (15),22 (16), 28 (1c),15 (F),13-D,77

1. We need to get the codec pins out from the machine, either use linux or clover bootloader, with clover bootloader at the menu screen, hit “F8”, it will output the codec to the EFI/Clover/misc/ folder.

dcpi alc295 alc295_codec_clover output Clover misc folder content

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  • this is totally awesome.
    the microphone isn’t working under linux either. I got pretty much used to that, but it’s still little annoying.
    if i find the time I’ll try MacOS on my X1 Tablet within the next weeks for trying out goodnotes alone. Thx a lot!

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