How To Use Wemos D1 Mini With Arduino


Software got updated and the links got disappeared, I couldn’t do the Wemos D1 mini using the older version anymore. I had to read again, now I’m going to document what needs to be done to just re-install a new version to be able to compile and upload the sketch to the wemos to be able to activate the garage relay. The Alexa garage with iPhone no longer works so I’ll have to find the good way to do it.

– I’m using the macOS, so rename the old document/Arduino folder to document/Arduinoold

Additional Boards Manager Board Info Query Board Manager ESP8266 Software Wifi Connection Monitor Preferences Port Serial Connection Tools Upload Sketch Successfully USB Serial Port
  • Go to to download the latest IDE software 1.8.9 and install it – drag the Arduino App to the Application folder.
  • Launch the Arduino App, select preferences and copy and paste this url: to Additional Board Manager URLs field.
  • Close and Re-launch Arduino App – go to board and install esp8266 to version 2.5.2. .
  • I also need to for the nodeMCU and Arduino at the .
  • When all the software is done, plug in the nodeMCU or Wemos D1 mini and select the correct com port to download the sketch, make sure you can query the board. Select the correct board (Lolin(Wemos) D1 R2 mini).
  • That’s all I need for download a sketch to the wemos and the relay to work.

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