Cable Modem

Self Activation with Comcast/Xfinity Voice and Internet Arris TM822G Modem

Arris _TM822G

This new year resolution was to replace the 5 year old rental Arris TM722G from Comcast with a used/new/refurbished one from an Amazon seller for $65. I was skeptical about the compatibility and activation since I have both voice and internet with them. The instruction for self activation was amazingly accurate and easy to do.

Set Up Trendnet Router With Comcast Cable Internet

So, when you’re tired of slow DSL and go with faster cable internet, you’ll get a new cable modem and you may have to buy or use your old router for wifi. I used the fast, full features, N-300, inexpensive Trendnet router for $39 instead of these more expensive brand names ones. The hook up