GA-H61MS2H rev 1.3

Dual Boot Windows 7 And Lion 10.7.3 On i5 2500k GA-H61MS2H

OK, we’ve built a Sandy Bridge i5 2500k with GA-H61MS2H-Rev 1.3 PC, we’ve installed Lion 10.7.3 on a hard drive or USB hard drive fully functional, now we want to dual boot our existing Windows 7 and Lion 10.7.3 in the same hard drive. There are many ways of dual booting Windows 7 and Mac

Install Lion 10.7.3 With Unibeast On i5 2500k GA-H61MS2H

We’d built an i5 2500k Sandy bridge desktop with Gigabyte GA-H61MS2H Rev 1.3 motherboard, the Windows 7 is working well, now we want to triple boot Windows 7, Lion 10.7.3 and Ubuntu 12.04. Let’s install Lion 10.7.3 to a hard drive – restore it to the second partition of a main drive with Windows 7

How To Build An i5 2500k PC Mac-able

  A few weeks ago, my son told me his computer died, the i7 920 I built many years ago, I know the motherboard died, not the CPU, but the cost of getting a new X58 1366 is almost the same as getting a new set of Sandy Bridge i5 2500k and H61 motherboard, therefore,