A6 Temperature Sensor Replacement

Our A6 Avant temperature sensor doesn’t show the temperature sometimes, we replaced ours, and this is how we did ours. A6 Temperature Sensor Replacement

A6 C4 Rear Brakes Replacement

Our A6 Avant starts making noise from the rear brakes, the rotors were shot, there weren’t any pad wear indicator. This is how we replaced ours. The rear brakes are identical on both sides, so this is the passenger side pictures only. Before doing anything, make sure the car jacked up correctly, the other side

A6 C4 Oil Change

Sometimes the most obvious thing is overlooked. Oil change is supposed to be the easiest and the most normal thing to do to maintain our cars, but not many people actually know how to. Since it’s time to change the oil on my A6, I took sometime to document it for me to use in