Fix Engine Rough Idle, Stall At Stops, Sluggish Acceleration

All cars these days have fuel injections and tons of vacuum hoses in the engine which contribute to smooth idling, starts up easily at cold weather, when the cars get older, rubber connections get brittle and break off, cars starts to run rough, stalls at red lights, hard to start hot or cold, these are

Fix Audi A6 Sunroof Motor Gear And Rails Slipping

Today, the battery on our 96 A6 Avant almost died after many weeks not running and the weather was cold. The weak battery some how caused the sunroof switch, gear and rails malfunction. The sunroof was opened all the way, turn the switch to close and it only moved in a little even the motor

Get To Know Audi Switches And Buttons

Believe it or not, many Audi owners may not know how to use all Audi’s buttons and switches inside their cars. It’s good to know these nice and functional features on our cars. Since we own Audis from 90’s to 08’s, most of the features are the same, just the buttons may be different (physically).