Fix Engine Rough Idle, Stall At Stops, Sluggish Acceleration

All cars these days have fuel injections and tons of vacuum hoses in the engine which contribute to smooth idling, starts up easily at cold weather, when the cars get older, rubber connections get brittle and break off, cars starts to run rough, stalls at red lights, hard to start hot or cold, these are the symptoms caused by these vacuum hoses leaked. Instead of taking the car to the shops or dealers to get a tune up, 100k miles service , cost tons of money, and still don’t fix the problems, open the hood, inspect all these vacuum hoses, sometimes the hoses are under some covers, remove the covers, bend a few corners to see if they break, and many times, they already cracked and break off, buy $2/foot vacuum hose, cut to length, replace them and the car will be as good as new.

hose     hose

hose     hose


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