Fix Q7 Heavy Squeaky Doors

We have our Q7 for over 6 years now, we never had the door hinges lubricated, they start making squeaky noise. These doors are heavy and the hinges seem to be very heavy duty, but they’re still sag and the dealer can’t do anything about them, they recommend to take to the body shops. This

Oil Cooler Plastic Pipe In A8 D3

All A8 4.2L engine have plastic pipe for their oil coolers, and these plastic pipe get brittle and break over time, especially if the engine is running hot or over heat too many times. I’d replaced both 4.2L 32V and 4.2L 40V on the D2, but not on the D3, it’s a little harder to

Open Trunk With Foot On Audi A8L

Since the 2006 A8L and the Q7 have motorized trunk and liftgate, they don’t have the foot sensors to open when our hands are busy carrying something, I want to design a kick – sensor for the A8L. This can be used to open and close the trunk when I have to get something out