How To Open A8 Hood When Latch Cable Broke

Before we go to drastic measures to release the hood latch, then . The are so many instances people snapped the hood latch cable and some cost up to . Some people use a saw to while it’s closed tight, but before we start sawing, . My latch is still intact, but I’m preparing for

Replace A8L D3 Hood Shocks

The hood slammed down on me the other day  due to weak shocks support. I found Strong Arm 6294 on Amazon $47 for 2 with free shipping and I got them. They work quite well. The procedure is very simple, just a little screw driver to release the spring lock and remove the ends from

96 A6 Avant Work Horse

Our 96 Audi A6 Avant is still great for short trips to the hardware stores for heavy duty stuff. I think it’s time for us to donate the car. The transmission goes into safe mode after 15 minutes of driving. One of the solenoids is faulty and I don’t know where to start.