How To Open A8 Hood When Latch Cable Broke

Before we go to drastic measures to release the hood latch, Access the hood cable box from fender well then we should try all these first.

The are so many instances people snapped the hood latch cable and some cost up to $2000 for the body shop to destroy the front grille and repaint the hood. Some people use a saw to saw off the 2 hood hooks while it’s closed tight, but before we start sawing, try with the long screw driver first. My latch is still intact, but I’m preparing for the day the cable snapped. I test the sawing method to see if it’s feasible and the least damage to the hood and the surroundings.

A8 D3 hood latch assembly

S8 hood…

A8 D3 hood latch assembly

A8 D3 hood latch assembly

After Cut

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