12V Fuse Location
October 31, 2018 / 1,370 views / e-Golf | EV

No Power e-Golf 12V Socket

After using the air pump to fix the flat so many times, the 12V socket fuse was blown. I looked for the fuse box in the manual and it wasn’t clear on how to access and check the correct fuse. Finally I found it by searching for Golf fuse box diagram. Anyhow, it wasn’t hard […]

Real Life Range on 2017 eGolf
October 30, 2018 / 237 views / e-Golf | EV

Real Life Range On My 2017 VW eGolf

I’ve had our 2017 eGolf since March and this is the first time we checked to see how far we could drive with our eGolf. I drove from Fremont to Sunnyvale, then Sunnyvale to Oakland, back to Sunnyvale and to Fremont again. The total miles was 128. In the morning we did turn on heated […]