No Power e-Golf 12V Socket

After using the air pump to fix the flat so many times, the 12V socket fuse was blown. I looked for the fuse box in the manual and it wasn’t clear on how to access and check the correct fuse. Finally I found it by searching for Golf fuse box diagram. Anyhow, it wasn’t hard to replace the fuse after we knew where it is. The fuse puller is actually in the fuse box of the engine bay, driver side. There are 2 positions for the fuse to be, the upper and the lower, one is constantly ON and one is only ON with ignition. The default is with Ignition ON. F40 is the fuse that needs to be replaced- Yellow = 20AMP.


  • Thanks for this post. Led me right to the correct fuse, lo and behold, it was blown after plugging in the tire inflator. Mine wasn’t in the same position as yours, so I wonder what that’s about.

    • there are 2 positions, one if you want it to be on when ignition is on or one is constantly on. I preferred only when ignition is on.

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