Replace 2008 Q7 Front Right (Passenger) Window Glass

q7 front right window

I got my Q7 passenger side (right) window broken into. Didn’t want to go through insurance, found quite a few on ebay with very good prices. Ordered one from oem_genuine_partout, the first one was the wrong side because of the curvature was opposite, they sent the right one right away which was nice. So, the

Portable 7″ Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto

ios carplay screen

If we have a car that doesn’t have CarPlay/Android Auto system built-in and we want to add a simple, portable 7″ wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto to the car is quite easy. We can buy a unit from Aliexpress for less than $100 like the one we got for our sister 2013 Ford Escape. She definitely

How To Remove Paint Scratches On Paint

paint scratches

The original paint is always tougher than anything adhered to it, it’s very easy to remove the paint scratches on your car paint. My mother in-law MBZ B250e was scratched due to moving against the garage door. It looked really bad, but with the putty scrapper and rubbing alcohol, I could remove it without damaging