Replace 2008 Q7 Front Right (Passenger) Window Glass

I got my Q7 passenger side (right) window broken into. Didn’t want to go through insurance, found quite a few on ebay with very good prices. Ordered one from oem_genuine_partout, the first one was the wrong side because of the curvature was opposite, they sent the right one right away which was nice. So, the printed info on both glasses are the same, it’s only different is the curvature for the right door. Anyhow, I love Audi design, it was so easy to do as soon as you removed the panel. The glass has 2 holes that need to be align to the rail holder and snap in. The only trick is to slide the window in vertically with the front down, when it’s against the aluminum bar, starts to turn it horizontally to the windows guide. Roll down the window to expose these 2 glass holder on the rail, align the hole and push it down to lock, that’s it.

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